West Bank Prom

Following concerns being raised with me regarding the condition of the Prom in West Bank I have contacted David Parr, Chief Executive at Halton Borough Council to share these concerns. The letter is copied below.

Dear David,

I have been contacted by my constituents regarding the condition of the Prom Wall in West Bank.  My constituents are concerned that the area is being neglected, with many trees left growing out of the walls and some of the blocks lifting.

I share my constituent’s concerns and worry if left this will become an issue that requires large scale repairs, as the wall holds back a huge weight of earth under the playground. This is a beautiful promenade on the waterfront, it is very important to local people and it is looking very neglected. I have attached photographs.

In addition, I am disappointed to see that the stone placed from the Borough of Widnes in 1897, advising that the prom extension was completed to celebrate 60 years of Queen Victoria’s reign is in such a terrible condition. The stone commemorates that the prom extension was built by the labour of Widnes people and that they paid for it. The metal plaque on the original bit of promenade is still readable.

Could you please look into this and provide a response.

Yours sincerely,

Derek Twigg MP