Added Coronavirus Restrictions to Halton 1/10/2020

The government have announced further Local Restrictions for Halton this morning, which they have said will be the same as the restrictions that they have recently imposed on the North East.

I, and a number of neighbouring MP’s met with the Health Minister last night and again this morning – in very hastily arranged meetings – after we had made representations about the lack of consultation. I have serious concerns about the manner in which these Local Restrictions are being implemented not least the confusion that is being caused.

I am worried that clinically vulnerable people have not received government support to go back to shielding, if that is their wish.

I am also worried about the damage that will be caused to local businesses and the impact it will have on Halton people’s jobs. We already have 2000 more unemployed people in Halton than we did in March. The financial support announced this morning for Local Authorities with Local Restrictions is a drop in the ocean and goes nowhere near covering the extra costs to our area arising out of Covid-19 pandemic – it will certainly not help local businesses affected by the new regulations.

I, along with other MP colleagues have repeatedly called on government to provide the scientific evidence and data to back up the reasoning behind the Local Restrictions, and did so again at this morning’s meeting. It is essential that local Councils are given robust and real time data to help with Track and Trace. This will make a significant difference in getting on top of Covid-19 outbreaks, as we have seen in some other countries.

Please follow the regulations and use your common sense. Let us help each other and work together as a community to get our positive Covid-19 cases down to protect our vulnerable people, to take us out of Local Restriction measures and protect local jobs.