Tier 3 Restrictions Placed on Halton


I did not agree to the Tier 3 restrictions we are being placed under and I was not invited to any meetings that took place over the weekend regarding the new restrictions. I was also not consulted.

I have not been convinced that the measures are right, given that we have had four lots of new measures imposed on us in recent weeks – on 14th September, 22nd September, 24th September and on 3rd October. They have not been given chance to see if they will have an impact.

The government have not provided the data to justify more severe restrictions on Halton. It is clear the government have no strategy. I do not believe Halton’s numbers justify us being put in Tier 3. T

he government have not provided enough support to limit the economic damage and loss of jobs in our area that could result from us being placed in Tier 3.

As I have previously stated, I continue to worry about the affect on our civil liberties, people’s mental health and the fact that little is being said about people who are clinically vulnerable.

I managed to be called to ask the Prime Minister a question this afternoon regarding Halton being put in Tier 3, I did not receive an answer to my question. You can watch my question by following the link below to my Facebook page.