Runcorn Town Deal Question


You may have seen that a bid is currently being put together to the government’s Town Deal Fund for £25 million of investment into Runcorn Town Centre. I have been an active member of the Town Deal Board since it formed in January to advise and help the council develop their bid to the fund. The aim is securing the investment to realise the potential of Runcorn Town Centre, through things like fully utilising the potential of the main line station with the creation of the Station Quarter, to finally make Unlock Runcorn’s plans to restore the locks and the link back to the Bridgewater Canal a reality and building a stronger town centre. Due to various questions that have been raised about the Town Deal Fund potentially favouring Conservative areas, yesterday I questioned Robert Jenrick, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government. He answered “Absolutely not,” to my question of whether Conservative areas would be favoured over Runcorn and later assured me that our bid would be treated with fairness and he hoped it would be successful. I will continue to work hard on our bid and monitor the government’s actions closely. You can watch the exchange below.