Health Service Information for Constituents


I have been raising concerns in Parliament and with the local NHS Clinical Commissioning Group, about the huge drop since last March in the number of patient referrals from GPs to specialist care, including scans, for none Covid-19 conditions. While the NHS is hugely focused an dealing with the latest wave of Covid-19 infections – and if you have Covid-19 symptoms you should follow the advice;

I wanted to highlight again how important it is should you become unwell with other symptoms, which normally you would feel the need to see your GP about, then you should do so and not be put off asking for an appointment with your GP. This is particularly important to either rule out Cancer and other conditions such as Coronary Disease and to ensure prompt treatment if needed.

If you feel you are suffering from symptoms that may indicate a heart attack, you should call the emergency services. See symptoms below:

The same applies should you feel you may be having a stroke. See symptoms below:

For any other concerns or conditions you can find help on online via or call the NHS on 111 if it is urgent but not an emergency.

I know that fear of catching Covid-19 can deter some from seeking medical help for other conditions but you must not let this stop you seeking help – the symptoms you have may not be a sign of a serious condition but if it is, it is better you are treated quickly. I am worried, I do not want to see my constituents not getting the treatment they need in time and then needing more intensive, complex or invasive treatment or in the worst case scenario receiving a terminal diagnosis. We all have a role to play to ensure our family members and friends and neighbours are looked after.

Also don’t forget please; Hands – Face – Space.