Halton Moves To Tier 3


Unfortunately we will be moving into Tier 3 from one minute past midnight tonight.

I am disappointed that local businesses having to close tonight and who have spent money stocking up on perishable supplies, got so little notice from government.

I have spent today participating virtually in Westminster from here in Halton. I have had meetings today with the Health Minister and Jonathan Van-Tam, the Deputy Chief Medical Officer and also with the Schools Minister. I will continue to ensure that Halton’s voice is heard by the government.

I am receiving many pieces of correspondence per day from constituents needing help on a huge range of issues, I will continue to work through them. I know New Year’s Eve will be very different to what many of us are used to. I hope and pray for a better 2021 for you all.

You can find guidance on the Tier 3 restrictions on the link below, if you have any queries or need any clarification on them please ask.